Arts and Crafts and Commercial Registration


$70.00 for handmade crafts or $90.00 for Commercial Vendors.

Commercial is anything not hand made.

Submit registration request by January 6th 2018. There is no parking at the tent sites. You must unload and move vehicle to designated parking area by 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday. NO ELECTRICAL ON SITE. No overnight camping or vehicles of any kind will be allowed to remain on-site overnight, please make appropriate arrangements for lodging.

Please read the rules below and agree to abide by them.

I have read the rules below and I agree to abide by them. I do hereby release and forever discharge the Orange City Blue Spring Manatee Festival, Inc. and the City of Orange City from all manner of actions, suits, sums of money, damages, controversies, claims and demands from any loss or damage to the undersigned's property. Staff reserves the right to refuse request for registration without explanation.